Israeli law has a provision forbidding citizens from joining a foreign military, with a potential punishment of up to three years in prison. [110][111], In Belgian law, it is not illegal for a Belgian citizen to enlist for service in a foreign army. [120], As of 6 March, about 500 Brazilians are mobilizing on WhatsApp, Telegram and social networks groups to enlist. [127] Brazilian diplomats confirmed the reports on July 5. It is illegal for South Korean citizens to enlist in the International Legion under South Korean law. [31][32], It has been reported that initial training and selection of volunteers had led to "uneven" performance and that the initial intake had already been dismissed by the Ukrainian authorities, with one anonymous Ukrainian general stating "we should only take experienced combat veterans that is the lesson that we are learning the others don't know what they are getting themselves into and when they find out, they want to go home". [7][8] Kuleba promoted the unit on Twitter, inviting individuals to apply and stating that "together we defeated Hitler, and we will defeat Putin too. NATO has been sharing intelligence with the Ukrainian government. The same court had previously passed death sentences on two British members of regular Ukrainian units, under the same charges. [298][299], According to The Kyiv Independent, which has received informations from sources inside the Legion, the leadership of the intelligence-run wing of the International Legion is allegedly implicated in various violations, including abuse, theft, and sending soldiers unprepared on reckless missions. However, North Macedonian law bars joining foreign armies. People were asked not to bring their own weapons to Ukraine. Apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country with the intention to join the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine (ask a military diplomat or Consul, contact details - on the Embassy website): There are three ways to apply: 1) come to the Embassy physically; 2) phone call; 3) write to email. Critics have also highlighted differences in the makeup of the two international units: Volunteers to Spain generally lacked military experience, while those to Ukraine tend to have prior military experience. [143][144], The Croatian military envoy to Moscow eljko Akrap was summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry on 2 March 2022 and 3 March 2022 over allegations that 200 Croatian volunteers had joined the Ukrainian army. [11] Most foreign fighters arrived throughout the summer of 2014[12] and on 6 October 2014 the Ukrainian parliament voted to allow foreign fighters to join the Ukrainian military. "[99] "The government fully understands the sentiment of its nationals who want to stand for righteousness and give their support to Ukraine. New Zealand discourages its citizens from enlisting. The Territorial Defence Forces ( Ukrainian: , romanized : Viiska terytorialnoi oborony) are the military reserve component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is illegal for Indian citizens to enlist in the International Legion under Indian law. [140], On 23 July 2022, the first Colombian casualty was an ex-Colombian police officer named Christian Camilo Mrquez was killed fighting in Izyum. [205], In March 2022, the Democratic Front urged the Montenegrin authorities to take action to stop the recruitment of volunteer fighters for the war in Ukraine, after the Ukrainian Embassy in Podgorica posted on Facebook calling for foreign volunteers for the International Legion. [104], On 28 February 2022, when asked about Australians volunteering for Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison told reporters "I would counsel against that purely for the safety of Australians that they would not travel to Ukraine," and "I would say at this time the legality of such actions are uncertain under Australian law. "EKSKLUZIVNO Prvi hrvatski dragovoljci stigli do napadnute zemlje: "Pogledajte trenutak kada je hrvatski vojni atae odbio prosvjednu notu ruskog ministarstva: 'Jako su se iznenadili', "As pueden los cubanos unirse como voluntarios a las fuerzas de defensa de Ucrania", "Zeman se stav pzniv k vjimce, aby mohli ei bojovat na Ukrajin", "Prvn ei se hls o monost bojovat na Ukrajin. The foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said on February 27, via Twitter: "Foreigners willing to defend Ukraine and world order as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense . It is illegal for citizens of the United Kingdom to enlist in the International Legion under British law. It is unclear whether the United States Congress will pass legislation to waive this restriction with respect to the conflict in Ukraine. The contemporary French Foreign Legion requires a 5-year commitment. [272] Ex-Army reservist and dual Ukrainian-British national Viktor Yatsunyk was killed by a landmine in Izium. [74], However, only one 21-year-old Indian student in Kharkiv is known to have joined the Georgian National Legion in 2022. [177], Ukrainian initiatives to recruit Israelis began on 26 February in tandem with thousands of Israelis protesting against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Brendan Hoffman for CNN [258], Liz Truss, then Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom said "the people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy, not just for Ukraine but also for the whole of Europe because that is what President Vladimir Putin is challenging. If the reports are true that he is in Ukraine are true, he is the youngest British fighter and one of the youngest fighters in Ukraine. [134] A famous former Royal 22nd Regiment sniper nicknamed "Wali" from Montreal, called the deadliest sniper in the world after he reportedly eliminated 40 people a day as a sniper in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, also arrived in Ukraine to join the fight against Russia. "[99][243], Due to the lack of formal diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Taiwan, no diplomatic missions were established in either side. Asta e mna Moscovei", "40 Nederlanders onderweg naar Oekrane om te vechten tegen de Russen: 'Niet iedereen overziet de gevolgen', "Dutch Foreign Legion fighters wounded in Russian missile attack in western Ukraine", "Oekraens leger bevestigt: Nederlandse vrijwilliger overleden", "Another Dutch fighter killed in combat in Ukraine", "Over 500 Kiwis volunteer to fight for Ukraine International Legion against Russia despite a 'do not travel' warning", "New Zealand soldier who joined Ukraine foreign legion confirmed killed", "Corporal Dominic Abelen believed to have worked for special forces foreign military unit", "Kiwi soldier killed in Ukraine: New details emerge as foreign unit's 'luck ran out', "Nigerian volunteer: 'Fighting in Ukraine is better than living here', "Ukraine war: Nigerian and Senegalese soldiers killed, says Russia", Tidligere sametingsrepresentant i Ukraina: Jeg fler at det er vr tid for gi noe tilbake, "Peruano se une como voluntario para defender a Ucrania del ataque ruso: "Estoy dispuesto a dar mi vida", "Polak formuje oddzia do walki w Ukrainie. ", "Guerre en Ukraine: est-ce que des Belges peuvent aller combattre? The Embassy of Ukraine in Brazil said that "it is not enlisting for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion" or "campaigning to join this military formation". It is illegal for Serbian citizens to enlist in the International Legion under Serbian law. Turkey has refused to comment on its citizens enlisting in the International Legion. [208], The first official Dutch casualty of the war perished on May 4, 2022. [70], Herv Grandjean, a spokesperson for France's Ministry for the Armed Forces, said individual volunteers could be "integrated in a body of Ukrainian volunteers" and "we cannot prevent them from leaving, (but) nor can we sanction that type of project." [79], Turkish news reports have confirmed some Turkish citizens and members of the Turkish diaspora had attempted to join the International legion. However, as of 10 March, only 100 were approved to join. "We don't need any more people without military experience. [152][153], The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Ecuador announced on 8 March 2022, that approximately 850 Ecuadorians had contacted the consulate and the Embassy of Ukraine in Lima attempting to volunteer with the International Legion.[154]. She responded "We are a neutral country and we will act in the light of neutrality. The website contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to join the just fight against . ", "Russia Vows Prosecution of Foreign Fighters After 16K Join Ukraine", "Senegal calls Ukraine embassy war recruitment post illegal, summons ambassador", "Serbia vows punishment for volunteers going to Ukraine", "Offence for anyone in Singapore to travel to Ukraine to take up arms: MHA", "Niektor Slovci chc s bojova na Ukrajinu, pomoc na fronte je trestn", "Hundreds of South Africans eager to join fight against Russian invasion Ukraine's ambassador to SA", "9 South Koreans currently in Ukraine as volunteer fighters: Report", "Mercenarios o voluntarios? [175], Brendan Murphy, an Irish businessman fleeing Ukraine stated in an interview published 2 March 2022 that Irish people had already arrived in the country to fight with the International Legion. The Ukrainian so-called "foreign territorial defense legion" was replenished with "volunteers" from Japan. 04 March 2022. [73] The German Federal Police specified they would not let right-wing extremists travel to Ukraine. Some have refused", "Ukraine: Foreign fighters 'offered 1,500 a day to fight against Russia', "Legion of the damned: Inside Ukraine's army of misfits, veterans, and war tourists in the fight against Russia", "Zelensky says 16,000 foreigners have volunteered to fight for Ukraine against Russian invasion", "French volunteers rally to Zelenskyy's call to join war in Ukraine", "U.S., Mexico, India Volunteers Among Foreign Force Fighting for Ukraine, Says Military", "Tristan, from Belgium: "I came to join the International Legion of Defense of #Ukraine for freedom in Europe. [195], On 11 November, Tokyo has confirmed that a Japanese volunteer was killed fighting Russian troops,[196] in only days after mourning his Taiwanese comrade's death in the Luhansk front. Turmoil for Canadian-led foreign battalion in Ukraine", "Former Russian Soldiers Join Ukraine Against Putin's Invasion, Kyiv Says", "Chechen and Tatar Muslims take up arms to fight for Ukraine | DW | 24.03.2022", " : ", " ", " ", " ", "Ukraine forms special forces unit for foreign fighters: The special forces unit, separate from the recently established International Defense Legion, is already operational and in combat with Russian forces, GUR claimed", "Freiwillige Kmpfer in der Ukraine: Aus Sri Lanka an die Front bei Charkiw", "Ukraine's bid to recruit fighters from Africa sparks uproar: Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria have criticized Ukraine's efforts to enlist international fighters as it resists the Russian invasion. [10], Some foreign volunteers came to Ukraine much earlier, in 2014, to join the fight against the pro-Russian separatists as members of Ukrainian volunteer battalions that have been created after the start of the War in the Donbas. During the second call, the Russian side tried to hand over a protest note to Akrap but he refused to take it. On Feb. 27, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the formation of a foreign legion, called the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine, . Despite this he says over 500 New Zealanders have attempted to volunteer to fight in Ukraine against Russia. [274] Chris Parry and Andrew Bagshaw were killed whilst attempting an humanitarian evacuation of civilians in eastern Ukraine.[275]. On February 27, 2022, just two days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for "friends of Ukraine, freedom and democracy" to volunteer for the Ukrainian Territorial . The regiment expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives", " ", " ", "American killed fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in Ukraine", "2 Americans dead in eastern Ukraine: Officials", "Exclusive: U.S. [227], The Republic of Korea Marine Corps reported on 22 March 2022 that a Marine from the 1st Marine Division deserted from his unit and traveled to Ukraine to fight with the Legion. However, it is legal for Belgian citizens to enlist under Belgian law. Le volontaire franais tu sur le front tait originaire du Calvados", "Danish citizen dies in Ukraine conflict", "Muere un espaol que combata en la guerra de Ucrania y que se alist para luchar contra Rusia", "Killed Kiwi soldier was on foreign legion operation in Ukraine", "Prague confirms first Czech volunteer soldier killed in Ukraine", "Svensk man ddad i stridigheter i Ukraina", "Family 'enormously proud' of Irishman killed fighting for Ukraine", "Foreign fighter italiano morto in Ucraina. [157] The French Foreign Legion prevents current serving legionnaires from serving in Ukraine. Dmytro Kuleba (@DmytroKuleba) February 27, 2022 The foreign legion does now appear to be adapting. The units and their respective nationalities have been reported as being part of the International Legion: A Special Forces wing, known as the Legionnaires Special Service Group (LSSG), is made of foreign fighters and was initiated by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's intelligence directorate (GUR). [232][233], On 30 March, Ken Rhee mentioned that he's involved in creating volunteer-based special forces units in cooperation with the Ukrainian military. But the untrained should stay home", "For foreign fighters, Ukraine offers purpose, camaraderie and a cause", "Foreign volunteers who help Ukraine will be eligible for citizenship in the future", "Ukraine's New Foreign Legion Takes the Fight to Russian Forces", "Fighters with Ukraine's foreign legion are being asked to sign indefinite contracts. Of these, 50 are former members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and two are former members of the French Foreign Legion. They left for Ukraine on February 28. Regrouping veterans from Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa and Poland. [261] It has been reported those who travel to Ukraine may be acting in contravention of UK anti-terrorism laws, though legal experts said prosecution would be unlikely owing to the UK government's support for Ukraine's armed resistance. "[90], Nevertheless, a spokesman for the International Legion confirmed that there indeed are a number of Serb fighters in the legion and that they are fighting alongside fighters from neighboring countries. France allows its citizens to enlist in the International Legion. [14] Prior to the formation of the International Legion, the Georgian Legion was used to train English-speaking foreign volunteers. The Norwegian government reminds about dangers, rules and responsibilities. Italian law does not forbid enlistment in a foreign army, although there are provisions banning the organisation of said enlistment, as well as mercenaries. [206], There have already been reports of some Dutch casualties in the fighting around Lviv and Kyiv. Polish citizens who want to enlist in the International Legion, or any other foreign army, must receive the approval of the Polish Minister of National Defense. 129. International Legion of Defense for the Ukraine Retweeted. Step 1. In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the Georgian government's "immoral position" and has recalled Ukraine's ambassador to Georgia. "The Foreign Ministry's travel bulletin recommends leaving Ukraine immediately. Receive . [112] At least two members of the Belgian Land Component disobeyed orders to enlist with the International Legion. [271] Craig Mackintosh was killed on August 24, 2022 while working as a volunteer medic. Zgin w obronie Ukrainy", " ", "Wsparcie dzieci i rodzin polegych polskich ochotnikw na Ukrainie |", "Muri el primer colombiano en el frente de guerra en Ucrania, quin era? According to a report by Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish Defence Forces do not recommend or advise Finns to apply to fight for a foreign cause. On 28 February, the president Milo Zeman stated he would be in favor of allowing potential volunteers to join the newly formed Ukrainian legion. [163], On 28 February 50 Georgian volunteers arrived in Ukraine. Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has said that it has no information regarding how many people from Finland have left to join the fight in Ukraine. The International Legion of Territorial Defence of Ukraine, or the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, is a foreign military unit of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine.It was created on 27 February 2022 by the Ukrainian government at the request of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to fight against the Russian invasion of the country.In establishing the force, Ukraine joined more than 90 other . However, the Belarusian opposition leader, in exile in Poland. The instructor (standing center left) is U.S. Army veteran John Roberts from Newport Beach, California, who has been teaching through the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine since May 2022. [212], On August 25, 2022, Dominic Abelen was reported as the first New Zealand volunteer to be killed in action in the legion, who joined while on leave from the New Zealand military. Rspunsul premierului", "Montenegro Urged to Prevent Volunteer Fighters Going to Ukraine", "Nederlanders willen vechten in Oekrane: 'Ik ben fit en sterk, nietsdoen is geen optie', "There is little to stop New Zealanders leaving to fight in Ukraine but few legal protections if they do", "Frivillige melder seg til Ukraina - lovleg for nordmenn krige i ukrainsk uniform", "Foreigners Fighting for Ukraine Elicit Scorn, Ambivalence, Support From Governments", "Czy Polak moe walczy za Ukrain w legionie cudzoziemskim? They will join Zelensky's new International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine They are joined by three Brits and a German troop, and are all NATO-trained Separately, 60 British . ", "Prontos para morrer: brasileiros gastam at R$ 7 mil para ir Ucrnia", "Itamaraty confirma morte de brasileiro que foi para a guerra na Ucrnia", "Itamaraty confirms the death of a Brazilian in the Ukrainian War - News Bulletin 247", "Brazilian model turned sniper killed in Ukraine missile strike", "Brasileiros que lutavam como voluntrios morrem durante conflito na Ucrnia", "Bulgarian Parliamentary Candidate Too Busy to Campaign as He Fights in Ukraine", "Under a foreign flag: Canadian veterans explain why they're fighting for Ukraine", "Canadians answer the call to defend Ukraine", "Up to Canadians whether they fight for Ukraine foreign legion, Foreign Minister says", "Canada announces trade action against Russia, more lethal aid and new immigration streams for Ukrainians", "The new legion of foreign fighters: who are they and where do they come from? [91], Some Slovakian citizens have indicated they want to go fight in the International Legion, according to Minister of Defense Jaroslav Na. [197], Kosovar law bars participation in foreign armed groups. Kacper Rkawek, a researcher on foreign fighters in Ukraine, believes the majority of Western fighters prior to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine passed through the Georgian Legion. [38][39][bettersourceneeded][original research? this stipulated that their pay would be . [37], In late February 2022, The Star reported that two Malaysians joined the Territorial Defense Army in Kyiv. Japan discourages its citizens from enlisting and the legality of Japanese citizens enlisting is unclear under Japanese law. [228][229] The Ukrainian Embassy declined to verify the number of South Korean volunteer soldiers who have departed for Ukraine, citing "security reasons". Together we defeated Hitler, and we will defeat Putin, too. [297], According to an interview with a former German volunteer, around 800 to 1,000 people were at the base at the time of the Russian attack, of whom 100 were presumed dead. 02. The lessons from Spain", "Opinion: Foreign Fighters Are Heading to Ukraine. However, no indication of the number of casualties has been given. and reiterated "in order to urge Russia to stop its military aggression against Ukraine, Taiwan will participate in the economic sanctions imposed on Russia along with the international community. [1], Recruits with past military experience have described the legion as insufficiently officered, leading to unnecessary casualties. Foreign fighters can be sentenced to up to seven years upon return to India. [243], On 22 March, a Taiwanese Amis volunteer named Wang Jui-ti traveled to Helsinki to hand his application to join the Legion. To join, one must be between the age of 18 and 60, be fit for service, and not have a criminal record. Georgia discourages its citizens from enlisting. TVN a Chilean public service broadcaster made an interview with one of the volunteers. The announcement was made on Twitter by his acquaintance. These persons also would not face criminal prosecution. [265], It was reported that a 19 year old Royal Marine reservist called Nana and another one of his comrades left their homes and are fighting in the Eastern Ukraine Campaign. [118], According to De Morgen, 14 Belgians travelled to fight in Ukraine between February and June 2022. The 1998 Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act was passed to "regulate the rendering of foreign military assistance" by South Africans, but was largely referred to as a "mercenary bill" targeting former apartheid soldiers working as mercenaries. The ministry is highly limited in its ability to assist Finns in the war zone," ministry representatives told Yle in an email. In reaction to this development, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, warned . [128][failed verification], On September 25, 2022, Bulgarian National Assembly candidate Ivan Kalchev has volunteered to participate with the legion in the Ukrainian counteroffensive. "If these are people who are residing in Estonia on the basis of a visa or residence permit, then they simply cannot come back here again," Lauri explained. [34], On 7 March 2022, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated that more than 20,000 volunteers from 52 countries have volunteered to fight for Ukraine. Noman elebicihan posted", "Who Are the Americans Who Went to Fight in Ukraine? How to join the International Battalion. [191], On 16 March, CNN Turkey reported that three Japanese nationals with military experience were allowed to enter Ukraine. [181], On 1 September 2022, Israeli citizen Dmitry Fialka was killed fighting in eastern Ukraine. And absolutely, if people want to support that struggle, I would support them in doing that. Australia discourages its citizens from enlisting and the legality of volunteering under Australian law is unclear.